Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why airline loyalty is important

So for about $40 savings the Microsoft travel agency stuck me on continental where I don't have premier status. They stuck me in the middle seat on a 7.5 hour flight direct from Honolulu to Houston...on a 100% full flight. Then having to do an OJ Simpson run through the airport in Houston to make my connecting flight from Houston to New Orleans. Joy.

The only nice thing is that Continental still feeds us in cattle car class...though it was Jimmy Dean egg&cheese bagels, and they did a pretty good job of watering us.

So i'm certainly looking forward to United and Continental getting the two systems merged. It would be great if United treated cattle class better and continental learning scheduling from United. Well at least they didn't lose my checked bag, though they did manage to tear off one of the handles.

Well more from New Orleans and the Microsoft Tech Ed conference.

/Brian chee

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