Saturday, June 19, 2010

Personalize your gear..

You can get mp3 players etched with your name, you can order the Flip video camera with your own image plastered over the camera...but now i've stumbled across an iPad app that let's you skin lots of your electronics with very little effort.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Should we pay more attention to fair trade electronics?

A friend of mine tweeted about the insane working conditions at the company that makes iPhones....such stories make me pause to figure out if any of my other electronics are made by foxconn.

Win2k8 R2 SP1 and why it will rock your world

Sometimes the naming for a service pack just can't do it justice. The press corp received an early introduction to where the changes in service pack 1 will take us.

My favorite feature is called RemoteFX and while it could be described as an iterative upgrade to Windows Terminal Server, the ability to time share server installed graphics processors will give thin clients a massive boost. Thin clients give a huge security boost while reducing cost and desktop footprint, but they've traditionally stank at 3D graphics. The catch is that blade servers don't have slots for graphic cards and only a few graphics cards have even been tested if you have pci-e slots. All this will change but for now only one thin client is ready to ship.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another reason why Apple isn't enterprise

Over the years i've tried out a great number of portable computers that started with machines like Kaypro, Osborne, and Timex in the old Z-80 days; Toshiba, Dell, Acer, HP as more modern examples. Common to all the so called enterprise solutions was almost a fanatical need to repair broken units as quickly as possible. I ran a Toshiba repair facility in the mid 1980's with average repair time measured in hours rather than days. Right down to having parts depots actually housed in adjoining warehouses to the Fedex depot in Memphis. The standard practice was to ship a special cradle box to the customer so that laptop would survive shipping and an overnight pickup label. Turn around back to the customer has been as little as 3 days total, and as many as 5 days.

So why is it that I spent extra to extend my Apple MacBook Pro warranty an extra two years but yet Apple is claiming that the motherboard was going to take 7 days to arrive. They're also saying that the 3rd party hard disk and ram were going to potentially void my warranty, and that the dent on the corner of the laptop would also. So as I understand, only a perfectly stock and perfectly intact machine is eligible for warranty repair. All this from the corporation's actual store and from their certified repair staff. The local repair center is telling me that ignoring the upgrades is going to be a favor...

Well it was Windows Vista that drove me from the PC platform, but it looks like the idiotic service attitudes of Apple might very well drive me back. Things like 24x7 support lines and timely repairs just aren't optional if you want to play in the enterprise IT world, and it sure sounds like Apple isn't very interested.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why airline loyalty is important

So for about $40 savings the Microsoft travel agency stuck me on continental where I don't have premier status. They stuck me in the middle seat on a 7.5 hour flight direct from Honolulu to Houston...on a 100% full flight. Then having to do an OJ Simpson run through the airport in Houston to make my connecting flight from Houston to New Orleans. Joy.

The only nice thing is that Continental still feeds us in cattle car class...though it was Jimmy Dean egg&cheese bagels, and they did a pretty good job of watering us.

So i'm certainly looking forward to United and Continental getting the two systems merged. It would be great if United treated cattle class better and continental learning scheduling from United. Well at least they didn't lose my checked bag, though they did manage to tear off one of the handles.

Well more from New Orleans and the Microsoft Tech Ed conference.

/Brian chee

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