Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Should we pay more attention to fair trade electronics?

A friend of mine tweeted about the insane working conditions at the company that makes iPhones....such stories make me pause to figure out if any of my other electronics are made by foxconn.

"This is the epicentre of operations for Foxconn, China's biggest exporter, which makes products under licence for Apple using a 420,000-strong workforce in Shenzhen. They have 800,000 workers country-wide." ( from dailymail story)

Since the rumor mill is saying that the droid tablet is getting very close...maybe I should consider electronics made in a more humane facility and just pay a bit more. Just like how i try to buy free trade coffee.

Brian chee

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  1. This is a little ironic seeing as how it is being posted from your iPad...