Monday, May 31, 2010

Not worth the paper they're printed on

I just heard from a friend that his grumbling on his personal blog got him passed over for a job, even though his qualifications were far superior to the other applicants.

Well I wanted to grumble in support of all the amazingly talented networking engineers I've met over the years that haven't wasted their time on pieces of paper. Too many corporations have been led by cfo's that are so impressed by their pieces of paper that they think promotions, hiring, and bonuses must have pieces of paper to make them worth while. Apparently too few IT managers are willing to evaluate good projects, and almost no one i've met is willing to let their people use community service and professional projects as a way to judge skills as a alternative to certificates.

I would also like to say that on projects like Interop, that my experience is that my learning is exponential in comparison to traditional classes. I also learn better because there are large and immediate ramifications to the quality of my work on such projects.

Well i'm done venting...

Brian chee

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