Saturday, June 19, 2010

Personalize your gear..

You can get mp3 players etched with your name, you can order the Flip video camera with your own image plastered over the camera...but now i've stumbled across an iPad app that let's you skin lots of your electronics with very little effort.

The "borrowed" images are off the Flip website where they're showing off how you can skin your camera with just about anything you have a picture of, and this is the first place that I ran across that had custom skins.

Photopad by Zagg is a free photo retouching app that can also use your images to skin a variety of personal electronics. What you see above is how I stuck my school logo onto a Flip Mino HD video camera. If the device has multiple sides to skin you are given the choice. You use the standard multitouch controls to resize, rotate and position anything from your iPad photo album, but it seems only one image per side.

With prices somewhere in the sub $20.00 range, this might be the new corporate reward.

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