Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zagat for iPad

The age old question is all the harder to answer if you're not familiar with the city. I've used AAA tour books, and the paper versions of restaurant guides...but just thumbing through a guide means you tend to lean towards the first thing you find.

However if you're tired and just want a quick bite, it soon turns into a mental exercise to figure out just where the closest any-restaurant is, much less what kind of food will excite your taste buds. The default always seems to be the hotel's restaurant which always seems to be bland and overpriced.

This is where I wish I had gone for the 3G+WiFi version of the iPad since it also includes gps in the mix. The zagats guide can help you find hotels, restaurants, services in your surrounding area. So I'll be staying at the intercontinental for the Microsoft Tech Ed conference and discovered that Mike Serio's Po-Boys & Deli is just down the street. Also available for the iPhone, this app works well, and even better if it can utilize the gps location services.

So is this worth $9.99/year? The jury is still out...but you can download it from iTunes or head to their website for more info:

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