Monday, January 24, 2011

Green archiving system is a German company that produces an optical storage system that breaks the boundaries of archiving. What makes them so different is how they're able with the same hardware to be both network attached storage and also a multi tiered archiving system.

So first off this is an optical based system designed for long term reliable storage. Unlike spinning disks, blu-ray media is designed to stick around For 100 years and this company addresses media reaching the of life by using commercial off the shelf components. So when ultra-violet ray replaces blu-ray, you slide in the new drives and start the media transition process to the new media.

During the demo, we tossed 600 Meg of photos and videos onto the NAS front end, and then purposely trigger an archive event. (archiving is triggered by business rules..I.e. File in existence for at least 6 months and untouched for a month; before the archive is normally triggered. So while the file stubs are still there and still searchable, post archive size of then same collection dropped to 600kb.

An extremely flexible and scalable system, I'm really looking forward to finding some funding for this archiver.

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