Thursday, December 9, 2010

Email time

I'm not passing judgement, but a whole lot of us use email as a reminder..a reminder that tends to get lost in the masses of other emails. Nudgemail is simply a service that will accept emails from you and resent them back at your chosen date and time.

It's not meant as a way to send spam to other people at a certain time, but rather a way to get an important email back into the today section of your inbox. For example:

Forwarding an email to is self explanatory. You can also do things like to put that task off till the new year.

If you really need a nag-o-gram you could also set it for or weekly, monthly or yearly. It also accepts or numerical dates like to perhaps have a reminder to send me a birthday greeting..hint hint...

With a large collection of variations available, I'm sure it won't be long until someone comes up with a VBA script for outlook to ask nudgemail to resend anything that comes in while set in vacation mode.

The nudge commands don't have to be in the address like either, it could be sent to and the subject could be the desired time frame.

Oh yeah, busy at the moment, send it to and it will come back in an hour...the snooze time is of course configurable.

Brian Chee

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