Monday, August 23, 2010

Apps good enough to justify a new iPad

I purchased my WiFi only iPad because it so perfectly matched a need for a project that I'm doing with the University of Hawaii School of Nursing; but along the way I've been discovering a whole passel full of really kewl apps that continue to dazzle me. I know, I know, I've already written about how Apple is using Foxconn, the world's largest sweatshop, but human rights issues can be fixed (I hope).

So some apps that have just caught my attention and why:


These two screenshots are from a new iPad ONLY app that's called "Flipboard". Simply put, it aggregates RSS feeds from things like Twitter and Facebook, but also gets info from a growing list of magazines, and other social sites. The really nice part is that it brings back the glossy magazine format that we all love, and makes RSS feed civilized. So far this is a free app, and I for one am going to dump the twitter and facebook apps off my iPad in favor of this very slick piece of software.

Stanley/Bostich Level:

This looks funny since it was designed for the iPhone not the iPad, but yet it just works. This free app is from Stanley Works and turns you iPad/iPhone into a level. Sounds a bit mundane, but a buddy just whipped out his iPhone while still holding onto the edge of a whiteboard we were hanging and voila...level...

In the same category but not free is Measures HD that combines a bunch of tools into a single app. The plumb bob is amazingly good and it even has a seismometer.

Measures HD:

Next up is a deceptively sophisticated application that turns your iPad into a clapper for filming. What makes this amazing is that you can synchronize multiple iPads/iPhones together so that the clocks all also outputs your shot history AND notes (voice and or text) to Final Cut XML, HTML or csv and emails it to you. What makes this amazing is that a professional system might put you back $15k but this is $20. Though you're going to have to shell out another $40 if you want the iPad to be able to synchronize to the SMPTE clock interface on your professional video camera.

Movie Slate:

I'm sure by now that you've seen the skins that are selling for iPhones and their ilk. However, if I'm going to plaster something onto my phone, I want it truly to represent me, and not hundreds of other folks. Well Zagg has a free app called "Photopad" which gives you basic cropping, color correction, and a few special effects like solarization. What you can do afterwards is what's fun, you can specify the type of phone/camera/etc that you have and push/twist/shrink/etc your photo until it's sitting just right, and then order a high res color sticker print for you device. It's not cheap, but you can now truly personalize your tech just for you.


My last rant for this entry is that I love music and I want it when I travel without having to fill up my hard disk with mp3's...Pandora has been my answer for quite a while and the iPad Pandora app even goes as far as putting out lyrics and liner notes from the album.


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